Art on Yachts

Yachts are not always the easiest place to show art. Often the potential to show art on board seems to have been designed out leaving very little room for manouvere. An opportunity lost? Perhaps, as there is no doubt that it has its place and further can be a truly fundamental player in setting the atmosphere. This can be particularly evident when it comes to finding a new owner as the taste of the previous can make a poor first impression. 


We've had some success in this area - see below - and we've seen how it works when some thought is brought to bear. Art can never compete with the beauty of the oceans and at sea, in the heat of the day, it is probably far from most peoples mind. But when the light comes down and the theatre of the evening begins it has a serious part to play and can make a significant and enriching contribution to life on board.


from Chris Cecil-Wright of Cecil-Wright & Partners

"There’s more to yachting than just the boat. Family, art, photography, film – they are all in close periphery and vitally important. My good friend Tom Craig works with clients from all over the world – both on land and at sea – with a bespoke approach that is highly effective: When we took it upon ourselves to hang art on a yacht for the Monaco show last year, I watched Tom completely revolutionize the yacht!".


“Tom worked superbly with both the owner and designer.  He listens and offers good advice.  He was most willing to assist with any request.  Highly recommended!” James Duggan, Captain of Feadship ‘Drizzle’. 

April 30, 2019