objective advice

The process of buying art in all its many forms should be first and foremost enjoyable. It should also be rewarding in many other ways and an ongoing experience, that grows with the buyer and continues to be a positive part of life. In the process of delivering this we offer objective advice and above all, an honest appraisal of the options. A foundation of an in depth market analysis helps you make what is essentially an emotional decision, in an informed way.


 a global market

The Fine Art market today is global with an ever increasing appetite for new work and a diverse customer base. Making choices in this environment, often under pressure, can be a life changing moment and something you should not do alone or without solid guidance. Tom Craig has served many hundreds of buyers and sellers during his career and that knowledge and experience is brought to bear on behalf of those he helps today.


 peace of mind

Peace of mind is everything. Knowing that you have done the best you can, given all the available information and knowing that you are fully aware of the multifarious possibilities and options in the art market today.